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About hotel

Hotel Katamare is for those who love freedom, privacy and comfort while being close to all the events in the city of Budva. 

The name of the hotel comes from the name of a special type of boat - catamaran. Catamaran, the epitome of luxury and elegance, made up of two joined hulls, is a symbol of merging of two industries within the company Stublina - production and hospitality. The opening of the hotel is the beginning of the Stublina Hotel Group formation and it is our wish to be recognized presently and in the future for the high-level service and memorable hospitality experience.

Luxury and comfort

Rooms at Hotel Katamare are equipped in accordance with the high standards of the hotel industry and tailored to guests with the highest expectations in terms of quality and comfort. An elegant collection of 60 modern rooms and bathrooms with private balconies provide a whole new level of experience with their style, luxury and comfort. Two azure blue pools, own private beach and a view of the Adriatic Sea complete the perfect hotel experience.

Calmo Mare Restaurant

Bathed in sunshine, the Calmo Mare Restaurant within the Katamare Hotel provides an ideal blend of contemporary style and traditional hospitality.

Amare Rooftop bar

Amare Rooftop Bar with its own rooftop pool will delight you with magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea and a sensational view of the horizon.

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