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Attractive location and proximity to the sea complete your vacation experience. Even though you are in the center of tourist events, you will be able to preserve your peace and spend your dream vacation here. 

If you are planning a summer vacation at the sea, Bečići is one of the most popular destinations in Montenegro. This idyllic town by the sea is part of the municipality of Budva, which is only 3 kilometers away and can be reached by taking a walk along a beautiful promenade by the sea. 

Once the most beautiful beach in Europe, it has retained its uniqueness to this day. Unusual stones in a magical palette of colors not only inspire many artists but are the most common souvenir that guests take home from their vacation. Budva Riviera is both the center of the Montenegrin coast and the country's tourism. The Riviera includes 12.5 km of beaches, the longest of which is the Bečići beach. Over 2 kilometers long beach is intersected in some places by freshwater streams, which provide additional freshness and crystal clearness.

The main ornament of Bečići is the long promenade along the coast which is connected to Slovenska plaža beach and Budva by a pedestrian tunnel that cuts through a narrow peninsula. Two parts of the coast are connected in this way to the satisfaction of increasing number of recreational and competitive athletes who walk or jog throughout the year along what we believe is one of the most beautiful routes on the Adriatic.

Although Montenegro is a small country (13,800 km²), it is characterized by landscapes of true beauty, faithfully described by the slogan "Wild Beauty", and diversity that can hardly be surpassed: high mountains and deep canyons, wide plains, fast rivers and, of course, the turquoise blue sea. In one day, a curious traveler can enjoy the morning coffee on one of the many beaches along the Budva Riviera, have lunch accompanied by the song of birds on Lake Skadar, followed by dinner by the fireplace on the slopes of the magnificent Durmitor mountain.

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